Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Make Pocket Change?

There are several things you can do once you have have taken the step to earning free rewards online.

  • Watching videos: The must fun way to earn to to doing so by sitting around watching video. This option generally takes the least amount of effort and time.

  • Completing Tasks: The are plenty of tasks to complete in the Crowdflower offerwall. These generally are very short simple things such as performing a google search and recording the results.

  • Doing offers: There are plenty of “offers” for you to complete. They can range from half a penny to go as high as $50 in some cases. Somethings you might be registering at a site, others you might be visiting a facebook page.

  • Taking Surveys: Taking surveys is generally the best source of consistent money. There are plenty of survey sites that each what to hear your opinion on a subject. The specific need is constantly changing so there is always a few to do.
  • Referring others: There is no cost to anyone you refer. You and you friends will never have to spend any money. However, as a reward for bringing along and referring people you get a percent of what they make. It does not come out of their earnings. No, instead the GPT website pays it as a bonus! It is a win- win.

Looking for Some Extra Pocket Change?

   If you landed here then you are likely looking for a little extra money. Perhaps you need to support your Starbucks habit. Perhaps your kid goes through packages of diaper faster then your pocketbook would like. Perhaps you need to buy school books. Perhaps your a starving college student wanting some pizza. What ever your story, where ever you are in life a little pocket change is needed.
     What if I told you it really was possible to get a little extra change every day? What if I told you you can do it from the comfort of your home? What if I told you there is no financial cost to you, it does NOT require you to give up no money, but you could instead make some? Would you believe me? Or are you too burnt out from online scams and get rich quick infomercials?
      If you keep reading I will tell you what I have found. This is NOT an online scam or a get rich scheme. I am not looking to trick you in any way. In fact am freely sharing what I have learned. NO smoke or mirrors. I require nothing from you. Hopefully what I have to say will benefit you. There will never be anything to buy. If you join under me (its completely free) we both win.
     Advertisers have money to spend. There is a product or service to sell. A position on an issue someone wants heard. So they target different forms of media. One of the fairly new ways is to package it up on the internet and present to to a willing audience through a "GPT" website. A GPT website is where members Get Paid To do different things. So advertisers pay money to sites who then pass some of it on you. There is money to be made here. However, its only pocketchange, it is very rare for someone to quit their day job doing this. If you think throwing in a few dollars to your paypal after complete a few easy tasks is your thing, though, then you want you check this out.

     GoldDiggerGPT is a site I love. There is a supportive staff always looking to assist you. There are a TON of contests so that someone is always winning something. There is a LOT of high offers and various things to do. Tasks and daily surveys can often be completed everyday. The earning potential really is sky high!The minimum is only $1 to cash out so it is very easy to grab a little extra PayPal every single day. You do not have to wait weeks or months to be paid. Instead GoldDiggerGPT believes in providing the fastest payout possible and will often pay within minutes, never longer then 24 hours.

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